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Friday, November 25, 2011

Hong Kong: Asia's World City Part 1

Hong Kong is an Eco-tourist friendly city where you won't get lost from touring around the city center to the remote side of the outlying islands. Transportation is very easy and commuting in a bus or MTR, even ferries will lead you to wherever you want to go. There are free maps, bus routes flyer, park and events schedules available at the Hong Kong Tourism Board booth which you can get right away upon arrival at the airport. You can even surf the web anywhere else because Hong Kong is now considered as one of the wireless city in the world.

I mentioned on my previous blog about the top places must see and visit in Hong Kong. I also mentioned the places you could also visit without spending too much of your hard earned money. Well, for us visiting Hong Kong is truly a memorable one. I am very happy that I brought with me my family. My daughter is so happy upon seeing her favorite Disney Characters, and been able to watch the dolphins and sea lions in a one very entertaining show at the Sea of Dreams in Hong Kong Ocean Park.

My wife and daughter loved it so much that we watched the show twice.

We also have Ocean Park here in Manila and Ocean Adventure in Subic but I guess the Hong Kong Ocean Park is worth to pay for a whole day admission because you can do everything, watch shows and feel the adrenalin rush in their thrilling rides specially the Abyss, but I forgot to take photos of it and we had not attempted to try riding it.

IMG_0751 IMG_0752
IMG_0704 IMG_0709

We never tried all of their rides because we already experienced it here in the Philippines. There are similar rides that are same with Enchanted Kingdom and Star City. The only difference is that you can experience it all in one place.

IMG_0813 IMG_0826
IMG_0814 IMG_0829
IMG_0845 IMG_0855
IMG_0860 IMG_0880

We went to Ocean Park in a regular day which I thought would have few guest that will visit but I was wrong because even in an ordinary Thursday, so many people flock at Ocean Park to enjoy the same as we are. More guest came after lunch at around 2pm so long lines started to queue up in all rides.

It was extremely exciting visiting that place, we wanted to spend the rest of the evening at Wanchai and Causeway Bay but my daughter is so tired in our whole day fun at Ocean Park so we decided to head back to our place in TST at eight in the evening.