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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hong Kong: Asia's World City Part 2

As we sleep so early in a busy city that never sleeps, we then woke up early each day as we go to our itineraries as early as seven o'clock in the morning. We always have breakfast at McDonald's because it is just a couple of walks from our hostel. Every where we go, there is McDonald's around. It seems that McDonald's have always been in my heart even at home in the Philippines but Hong Kong adventure will never be complete without trying their dishes.

Hong Kong dimsum is so plentiful it can be overwhelming to navigate all the different restaurants. So we asked around and decided to try these restaurant that locals absolutely swear by for flavor and for value for money. A belly full of dimsum can be had an average of under HK$60 per person. But at Tim Ho Wan you can get it at cheaper price.

Tim Ho Wan is clearly a labor of love. Owner Pui Gor, a former chef at the Four Seasons Hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant Lung Keen Heen, went across the harbour to Monkok to open this hole in the wall eatery to serve five star dimsum to the masses.

After suffering through endless baskets of mediocre dimsum at a multitude of other establishments, eating at Tim Ho Wan was truly a worth of a penny.

The atmosphere is more brasserie than banquet hall, with dark wood-paneled walls and a very tightly-packed convivial dining area. Servers walk around with coffee pots full of tea including the owner itself. Before dining here would be too intriguing as guest would wonder what is it in this restaurant that looks like a nondescript dimsum canteen from the outside with a very long lineup of people waiting for their numbers to call and have a full belly for a very reasonable price.

The restaurant is located at 2-8 Kwong Wa Street in Monkok near Yu Chun Keung Memorial Medical Center and in front of Paradise Square.