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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hong Kong: Places to Visit within your Budget

Hong Kong is truly a must see place to visit especially with your love ones. It is also known to be one of the most expensive travel destinations, from food to eat, to hotels and accommodations to stay with, this concerns will truly put your budget skills into a challenge. But there are places in Hong Kong that is worth of more than just a sightseeing. Based on the review I got from the Guidepal Iphone application, I would like to share to you the places that we visited without paying extra from our budget.

Avenue of Stars

Just like Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Avenue of Stars celebrates the history of Hong Kong filmmaking.
Jackie Chan Plaque
There are plaques honouring the achievements of local filmmakers and handprints of local stars who have won international acclaim. There's also a two-metre tall statue of the legendary kung-fu star Bruce Lee. It also offers scenic views of the harbour and Hong Kong's famous skyline. 
Price: none

Symphony of Lights

Upon visiting the Avenue of Stars, you could also enjoy watching Symphony of Lights which takes place nightly at 8pm.

It's a spectacular light performances that involves 20 to 40 key skyscrapers and holds the record as "the world's largest permanent light and sound show" in the Guinness Book of Records. 

This stunning spectacle display lights synchronized to music and narration has five main themes: Awakening, Energy, Heritage, Partnership and the finale, Celebration. This magnificent photo opportunity is also best when viewed from Star Ferry which pauses for several minutes during the show.

Price: none

The Clock Tower

Then not so far away from the Avenue of Stars is the Clock tower which is standing next to Star Ferry Pier, this landmark recalls the Age of Steam, when it graced the southern terminal of the Kowloon-Canton Railway and then demolished and moved further east but the Clock Tower was saved for posterity as a declared monument.

Price: none

Star Ferry Cruise

There is no better way to get a feeling of freedom than cruising between cargo ships and container vessels.

It is especially cool to check out all of the vessels at night, when the skyscrapers begin to light up and the South China Sea becomes dark.

This is a cheap, convenient and pleasant way to travel between Hong Kong's two main areas, the Wanchi and Central in Hong Kong Island.

Price: HKD 5.00 round trip Tsim Tsa Tsui-Wanchai or Tsim Tsa Tsui-Central

Art Exhibits and Museum in Regular Wednesday

Learn the history of Hong Kong from the Devonian period to the reunification with China in 1997. Visit the museums every Wednesdays because it's free admission. Never miss to discover hidden gems of Hong Kong in a fascinating history through cultural objects, dioramas, film reels, and mock shops and homes from throughout the ages.

 Price: free admission every Wednesdays

Picnic or Dine at IFC Mall

Hong Kong authorities have come up with an excellent idea to offer the rooftop at the waterfront to the public and that is the International Finance Center Mall. That means you can bring your own drinks, food and snacks, and sit comfortably at the resort-style sofas, tables, and armchairs for use of the public and no restaurants has jurisdiction over it and stare out towards the skyscrapers across the harbour. Ignore fancy restaurants and club along the IFC mall rooftop, instead eat what you have brought. Try buying some foods or fancy wine at CitySuper Deli located at Level 1. The free tables with excellent views, like the ones offered here, are rare find. This is truly a hidden gem.

Price: none, just bring your own food and enjoy the view