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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Aysee Sisig - The Best Sisig in Town

It’s holiday season again, lots of work, pressures, and rushing up with deadlines. That means people are too busy. Me and my wife decided to ease the pressure and took a little spare time to unwind with friends at Aysee Sisig,   Pasig famous Sisig restaurant.

Way back 9 years ago when I first have a taste of their best sisig. I was working in an International bank that time and was invited by a friend and co-employee of the bank to have a memorable treat for the four of us since it was our last day at work. He invited us to this hole-in-the-wall eatery along the Philippine Sports Complex formerly known as Ultra Complex. In any sisig that I’ve tasted this one is definitely the best and ever since then  when I passed by the Pasig area I always try this one and only best sisig with just a couple of penny to spend with. 

This time I visited again Aysee food stall in Tiendesitas  with a couple of friends, colleagues of my wife in a multinational bank where she is currently working. They are so crazy and happy to be with. We  had a wonderful evening together.

Their sisig is served popping hot on a sizzling plate, with a dollop of fresh egg. It is best to put a teaspoon of soy sauce with it and mix the egg when it is still hot. The taste is awesome and crunchy. This whole plate can serve 2 very hungry people for only Php 90.


They also have other dishes such as Papaitan served on a bowl that’s being continually heated with a burner. The taste is so terrific. I usually only eat Papaitan  if my mother was the one who prepared and cooked it. But this one gave me way beyond my expectation when I first taste it.


Pla-pla which is a Big Tilapia Fish sprinkled with bawang and serve with a cup of soy sauce seasoned with red sili  and calamasi.


other dishes we tried are Calamares, Squid Balls and Lechon Kawali

IMG_1835 IMG_1846
Calamares Lechon Kawali

Over all experience was truly a memorable one. We had fun, laughed together, and the most important thing is relaxed even for just a couple of time.


I find myself thinking for another place that we could all together have another moment of bonding, laughing, and talking someday. See you all again folks.