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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Learning Adventures for Child's Development

Recently we attended an important child learning activity held at the Alabang Town Center sponsored by Mead Johnson. This learning activity focuses on child's development by exposing her into five important learning tools that maximizes the child's mental, physical, and social development.

LEARN system is infused here, stands for Language, Entertainment, Art, Recreation and Nutrition. It is nice to know that Mead Johnson sponsors this kind of activity that exposes my child to more dimensions of learning and brain stimulation.

The activity were segmented into 4 namely: Farm in England, Milk Land, Beach in Bali and Carnival in USA.

Farm in England, where they were ask to point to the animals and pull the corresponding mimic sounds the animals make. They sing Old Macdonald Had a Farm, helping boosts LANGUAGE skills, incorporated with ENTERTAINMENT through music that helps develop self-confidence 

Milk Land, a nutritionist explains the important role of NUTRITION for a child's overall learning development.

Beach in Bali, this activity uses LANGUAGE and ART tools. Origami making were held here. It taught them how to follow directions while helping improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Lastly, Carnival in USA, lots of activities happens here such as listening and following directions that develop comprehension skills. Jumping, running, playing catch and participating in physical activities enhance their motor skills and singing-along and dancing encourage them to express themselves.

Imagine in such a short time, my child experience an overall learning advantage plus we enjoyed the activity a lot.

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