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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Puerto Galera on a Shoestring Budget

My wife’s friends invited me to hop in with them for an adventure in Puerto Galera. With a very tight budget of just 2,000 box each, we decided to travel to Puerto Galera via public transport. At first I was worried about my budget, but what the heck.

We decided to meet at the Jam Liner Terminal at Kamuning near  GMA channel 7 after work. We headed towards Batangas Pier for only 280 pesos fare. It was 10:30pm when we arrived at the Batangas Pier then bought a ticket for 11:00pm RORO trip towards Calapan  for only 180 pesos and 20 pesos terminal fee.


Our buddy Roy has a home at Calapan City so we decided to stop over at their place to take a rest. It was 2:30am already when we arrived at Calapan City Port. Roy hired 2 tricycle and lead us to his home, it was darn cold that time and I did not bring a jacket. We stayed overnight with a very hospitable family who catered yummy foods and let us take a deep sleep for our weary bodies.
The following morning, that was Saturday, we wake up at around 6 am with just a few hours of sleep since we’re very excited.We took our delicious breakfast (thank’s to Tita Angelica, Roy’s mother) and took  a tricycle for 15 pesos to the town where we ride a van for a 100 pesos to the Tamaraw Falls.


Tamaraw Falls is a beauty to behold, it is situated alongside the road and is a great attraction to passers-by. We took lots of pictures and proceed to White Beach resort via Jeepney for 35 pesos.

Luck must have sought us that day since Roy and Leanne were able to get an accommodation for only 1500 at the VM Beach Resort. We then take our personal belongings to the hotel and find a place to eat, here’s the funny part, we were able to take our sumptuous lunch at the Food Trip, the same as my blog page on Foods. There are several value meals to choose from, from 100 pesos onwards and I can say that it is so delicious an all comes with unlimited rice.

IMG_3199 IMG_3184
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We enjoyed the rest of the day swimming, taking pictures, sand bathing, and just doing anything we can think of. As the Sun goes down party does not stop there and more people are coming in every restaurants in  White Beach as Puerto Galera has known to have an active night life. We’ve witness people are dancing in an array of disco restaurant bar nearby and some are enjoying the sand staring at the stars above. We also witness different fire dances from our left and to our right which is truly more fun.


The guys enjoyed their evening drinking the famous Mindoro-Sling at the Svend Ristorante Pizzeria.

IMG_3202 IMG_3239

We then spend the next day (Sunday) swimming and buying souvenir since we took a banca reservation at around 1 pm for 200 and a terminal fee of 10 pesos.

Imagine spending our weekend on a very enjoyable and relaxing Puerto Galera without costing us the whole world.