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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fireworks, Wish I May, Wish I Might

The 3rd Philippines Pyromusical Competition closes with colorful flairs that lit the dark sky at the Mall of Asia.

It’s the 3rd Pyromusical and the 2nd time that I enjoyed this event. The 1st time I watched this event is that we stayed only at the parking lot with a drizzle showering upon us.

This time, I happen to get a discounted ticket (GOLD) where I get a better view of the awesome lights that illuminates the sky with matching music.

We arrived around 5pm and I could hardly get a parking space where I almost drove 1 hour just to look for parking space so we end up at the back of Teleperformance near SMX.

We bought food at the stall since almost all the restaurants have long queue but believe me, the pork chop and fried chicken is not as tasty at it should be so I suggest to refrain buying from some of the stalls that promise affordable but good food because it’s not.

The areas for Silver, Gold and even VIP are so crowded. People are so excited and eager to see the dark sky illuminated with colorful flairs of fireworks even they will be standing for 3 hours (not including the waiting time or the time they arrived at the site) or sitting on the floor covering with mats, or sitting on portable chairs.

I made several settings on my camera. Capturing fireworks is not as easy. I made several shots before and I over exposed most of it especially during the fireworks at Hongkong Disneyland. Every new year I always challenged my self to capture the best photo. This time I tried it again to the finale of this years Pyromusical Competition.

It’s 7:30 pm when the colorful flairs lit the sky as Finland showed their own spectacular performances synchronized with music but all in all Canada was crowned champion of the event.

The Platinum Fireworks of the Philippines, a non-competing company, showed their best display which amazed the crowd. It’s so spectacular even the selections of music is awesome which includes Close-up theme song. But when the “ I Will Always Love You” sang by the late Whitney Houston played there were no fireworks that lit the sky due to technical issues. People shouted and almost all songs have been played but the sky remains dark as people in the crowd begun to cheer up and asking for more. A couple of minutes the sky again became colorful as the Platinum Fireworks of the Philippines poured out its way to the last minute to redeem itself and wowed the crowd to the hilt. People are cheering up specially when Manny Pacquio’s  song played with awesome lights and display.

We went out  the Mall of Asia almost 10pm and the crowd also flock on streets like exodus to find their rides whether by Bus, Jeepney, or Taxi. Traffic in all streets started to queue up but after passing by Pasay Rotonda felt sudden relief as the traffic goes smoother. Anyway, that’s just the dilemma of the day but all in all, driving all the way from Laguna to see this spectacular lights conquer the sky is just at all, worth it.

Tips On Watching this event or Any Fireworks Show.
  1. Go to the site as early as 4pm and get the best spot
  2. To avoid buying expensive food or beyond your budget, bring your own food and snack
  3. Expect that Food stalls, fast food and QSR have long queue so better eat as many before going to the event or bring your own food and snack. You could try buying at the cheapest grocery store such as Hypermart or SaveMore if you are commuting.
  4. Bring your own mat or portable chairs to be comfortable while waiting for the show. You could even play your favorite games with mobile phones, tablets, or ipads while sitting comfortably
  5. Never forget to bring you own bottled water although there are lots of water kiosk around they are bit too pricey which is worth Php20 for a 330ml plastic bottle.
  6. Bring your own garbage bag or avoid leaving your garbage after the show. Because tons of garbage are being cleaned up every time there are events such as this. So help contribute to society, I am not saying that you should pick up all the garbage even not yours but instead try to put your garbage on trash bins or even on your own garbage bag. You can leave it next to trash bins if already full as long as it is properly sealed. Its better that way instead of leaving it scattered anywhere else.
  7. If you are commuting, expect that you could not be able to find the easiest public transport at the mall complex going home and expect heavy traffic, instead start walking towards Macapagal Boulevard or worst at the Roxas Boulevard to get your own ride. Remember that it is not only you or your folks commuting, there are other hundreds of people also waiting and trying to get their ride home either by Bus, Jeepney, or Taxi.