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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

La Luz, Romantic Getaway

There’s really no stopping the summer fun, this time my wife and I decided to leave our daughter to  Lolo and Lola and have the vacation by ourselves for two days and one night stay at La Luz.

Just like the White Cove Beach Resort, La Luz is situated in San Juan Batangas only a couple of kilometers more because it is located at Barangay Hugom next to Barangay Laiya Aplaya.

The funny part here is that we decided to commute since we were trying to “elope” from the prying eyes of my daughter and bringing car along is not a good idea because there will be lots of questions that will be bombarded upon us and whining before we can go by ourselves.

We ride a bus JAM Liner in Cubao and alighted at the Candelaria Quezon, we then took a Jeepney from the intersection to San Juan. At San Juan Market we again ride a Jeepney towards Laiya / Hugom. We have no idea at all what the trip will be until some of the passengers decided to ask the driver to   get them off in their respective houses, we were surprised when a cloud of dust envelope us due to the side streets is not yet cemented that time. Imagine the tiny particles of sands that covers our hair, clothes and bags,we laugh our hearts out because we look like vampires ashen with dust.

La Luz is a perfect for a weekend getaway. We booked for two days, one night stay with full board meals. Check-in time is 12 noon but since we commute we arrived at almost 1pm. It’s nice that at 11am someone from La Luz have already texted to inform us our check in time and when the 12 noon check in time have passed, another text from La Luz asking for our whereabouts.

We felt sudden relief that one of the passenger in the jeepney is working at the resort so she lead us towards the resort and texted that we will be arriving soon. Upon arrival we were welcomed by their staff and brought us to the dining area as our food is waiting for us. We were so lucky that the management gave us the upgraded room good for 6 persons instead of a standard room. I missed my daughter and regretted that we should have brought her with us.

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There’s plenty of activities here such as kayaking, trekking(upon request), island hopping, and snorkeling. We rent a boat for Php700 to do some snorkeling.

Stroll along the beach in the early morning to see fisherman sell their catch.


After paddling, snorkeling, and sunbathing on the beach, we prepared our things and went back home. Getting home is more convenient because a good Jeepney driver and his wife showed us the easiest way to get back to Manila. We discovered that there is a shuttle van or GT Express near the Market that lead us to Lipa City. Then off at Lipa Cathedral there was also GT Express terminal nearby that lead us to Balibago Sta Rosa which is just near to our house in Binan. The ride going home took us only 1.5 hours.

We really enjoyed our stay at La Luz. It’s so relaxing and quiet. Unlike other beaches such as Puerto Gallera and Boracay, Batangas beaches has only few active night life. Laiya is the best romantic getaway at an affordable price.

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