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Monday, March 19, 2012

Summertime at Laiya, Batangas

Batangas is known for kapeng barako, natural attractions and numerous resorts among others. Canyon Cove, La Luz, Munting Buhangin, 4V Beach Resort are just among the few places I’ve been for this known place.

It’s fun, fun, fun summer once again and our  destination for   this time is barely two hours ride from our home in Laguna. Laiya located in San Juan Batangas was divided in two barangays which is the Laiya-Aplaya and Laiya-Ibabao that both has a majestic coastline with several beach resorts to visit for swimming, diving, and other outdoor activities.


My family including my parents and brother tag along to enjoy our weekend here at White Cove Beach Resort located at Barangay Laiya-Aplaya in San Juan, Batangas

IMG_3469 IMG_3400 IMG_3472

Entrance fee is only Php150.00, we have paid for another Php150.00 for corkage since we brought in foods,  for a day tour.  You may choose to have a buffet meal for Php600 rate for day tour and Php950 for overnight food package that includes Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch. Rent for a Picnic Hut cost Php900.

Cost for our day tour swimming for 5 pax child is  free of charge

Toll Fee from Binan – Round Trip
Php  252
Gas – Round Trip
Php  900
Own Food and Drinks
Php 1200
Entrance and Corkage Fee
Php 1500
Picnic Hut
Php  900
Total Expenses (Group)

* Note: if you will be coming from Magallanes-Makati Area Toll fee is Php214 to Calamba then same Php25 flat rate for ACTeX and Php57 Star Toll Fee Ibaan exit

Just like the other resorts, this has other amenities such as Billiards, Videoke, Kayak, Beach Volleyball, and Free WiFi access but limited range only which is near the Bar. The Resort also has Pavilions located at the 2nd floor good for large functions such as meetings and seminars. They also arrange wedding receptions and other occasions such as company outings and events.

IMG_3474 IMG_3473 IMG_3413

They have Sunday Mass too at the Clubhouse every Sundays.


How to Get There via Public Transport

It’s easy to find and accessible. There are buses plying to Batangas daily from Manila like Jam Transit, Alps and Solid North Transit that usually leaves every 15-30 minutes from its stations in Cubao. You can choose between two routes going to Laiya via South Expressway-Star Tollway Lipa Batangas Route  which is the fastest way or via South Expressway-Laguna-Tiaong-Candelaria-Batangas Route.

Via Candelaria
  1. Take a bus from Manila to Lucena (Jackliner, Tritran, BLTB, Jam, etc) but get off at the Town of Candelaria. (Approximately 2 hours)
  2. Get off at Chow King right after the town proper of Candelaria.
  3. Go to the nearest intersection, which is about 10 meters and take a jeep to the town of San Juan, Batangas. (Approximately 30 minutes)
  4. Get off at the San Juan, Town Market and take a jeep to the Barrio of Hugom where you will pass by White Cove Beach Resort beside Kabayan Beach resort. (Approximately 30 minutes)
Via Lipa
  1. Take a bus from Manila to Lipa City (Jackliner, Tritran, BLTB, Jam, Alps, etc.) (Approximately 1.5 hours)
  2. Get off at Bus Terminal near McDonalds, Jollibee, and Shakey’s.
  3. Take a tricycle to the jeep terminal located at the City Market (approximately 10 minutes)
  4. Take a jeep bound for San Juan, Batangas. (Approximately 45 minutes)
    Get off at San Juan Town Market
  5. Take a jeep to Barrio Hugom you will pass by White Cove Beach Resort near Kabayan Beach resort. (Approximately 30 minutes).
How to Get There via Private Vehicle
  1. Take South Super Highway (SLEX) up to STAR toll way. The 2 highways are now connected via the new Alabang Calamba Expressway (ACTeX). Please do not exit the highway and stay on until the SLEX turns into the STAR highway.
  2. Drive 45 kilometers on the Star Toll way (STAR) and take the San Jose-Ibaan Exit (after the Lipa exit). After exiting, turn left and drive 2.5 kilometers. You will reach an intersection with a sign pointing to Rosario, at this point please turn left at this intersection. After turning left, the Municipal Hall of Ibaan will be on your right while a church will be on your left. After passing the church on your left you will reach a forked road. Turn right at the road sign pointing to San Juan. Drive 8 kilometers along this road to Rosario town proper.
  3. Upon reaching the Rosario town proper, there is a Jollibee outlet at your left. Drive past the Jollibee Rosario outlet and the South Star drug store outlet. This road leads all the way to San Juan town proper, which is approximately 23 kilometers away. You will pass a sign for the Batangas Racing Circuit along the way. Please veer left at this point.
  4. Once in the town of San Juan, make a right after the Municipal Hall. You will see a Petron Gasoline Station, a Frank’s burger Stall and a Dunkin Donut Store right before the Municipal Hall. This road, will take you to straight towards the Barangay Laiya-Aplaya and Baranggay Hugom at the end of the road . The total distance from the Municipal Hall is about 24 kilometers. Please follow the road until you see sign of Playa Laiya at the right and only few minutes you will pass by the entrance of Kabayan Beach Resort and next to it is the White Cove Beach Resort entrance to your left. The drive is approximately 30 minutes.
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