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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Manila Ocean Park: The Funtastic Tour

IMG_5304 Manila Ocean Park is believed to be larger than Singapore’s Sentosa Underwater World in terms of floor space. Located at the back of the the Quirino Grand Stand at the famous Rizal Park in Manila.

I have been here a few years back to accompany my daughter in her field trip but the place is now so different in terms of attractions and venue. 

We have bought tickets at a group buying site to experience once again the fun, fun, fun at this place tagged as an All Seasons Holiday Destination within the City.

I was amazed by the renovations made and somewhat upset at the thought that I was not able to come here sooner to appreciate the efforts made by China Oceanis Philippines Inc to improve this theme park.


Our first stop is the Penguin Talk Show where you will interact with Hamboo, and will narrate some of the important details of everyday penguin life.  Though this one is little boring for adults, for kids this would be informative. But the jokes by the talking penguin may sometime be upsetting for the few. Just remember that this is an interactive talk show where everyone can talk to Hamboo and ask everything in only 45 minutes. 


We went to the All Star Bird Show next. This one is very exciting too since all the Birds have different talents and skills to show. Dazzle the cackatoo  knows how to identify shapes, Sassy the green winged macaw can do the math, there is even a basketball game for two Sassy and Bandit. And Strike the eaglet, also shows off his flying skills, the Philippine eagle. At first he is hesitant to fly from the back across the audience but then he flew towards his trainer in front.


The third show is hilariously funny since the two sea lions (Vincent and Yeni) shows off their various know how in entertaining. The sea lions swim, dance, portrays a mission impossible role and all other stuffs making those watching feels like a child again. 

IMG_5283 IMG_5298

Last of the show is the Musical Fountain Show. The musical is amazing and dazzling until the Rising Starfish, Falling Starfish, Shooting Starfish with their team comes into view. My daughter is quite happy with it but the concept of the show is boring again, maybe it’s the choice of songs accompanied with poor choreography and sound that makes it less entertaining. I was somewhat bothered by the lobster that was being catch by the chef, since all the audience can hear is the buzzing sound.  

Now don’t get me wrong but overall the place is very entertaining. H2O Hotel, the upper deck where you can view sunset over the Manila Bay, whatever took your fancy, pasalubong and many other shows to choose from.

We’re going back to Oceanarium and Trails to Antartica soon. There maybe not so good views about Ocean Park but I’m still thankful that they were finding ways to improve the park. Congratulations for the improvement well done. It’s really fun fun fun Philippines.