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Monday, June 11, 2012

Manila Ocean Park: Penguin Exhibit

IMG_5764 After seeing the Manila Ocean Park’s Oceanarium, our next tour is the trails to Antarctica and Penguin Exhibit, where the three of us are all excited to see a real penguin.

The first exhibit you will see before entering the penguin exhibit room are the Trails to Antarctica. It’s a gallery of pictures depicting the life in arctic regions.


We did not spend more time reading and looking at the galleries of the Trails to Antarctica, so we rush our selves and entered the penguin exhibit room where upon entering there was a loud scream coming from the corner which we thought of penguins are scary. But no, screams are coming from the Slide O’ Fun which is another attraction in MOP located at the 2nd floor near the Penguin Exhibit. We didn't mind getting in the slide, instead we went towards the acrylic enclosure wall to see penguins playing and swimming. 

and here they are Open-mouthed smile

IMG_5790-1_thumb[2] IMG_5779_thumb[4]

The fact that this penguins did not actually came from Arctic Ocean but instead they came from the west coast of South America. They are so cute and adorable. Asking for food, swimming, or simply posing. You can have a chance to have a close encounter with the penguins and feed them by yourself for only Php 250 which includes picture taking with the penguin.

To experience what it is  like to be in Antarctica, we went inside the what they called it the Snow Village or the Christmas Village and it is freezing cold.


To wrap it up, Manila Ocean Park truly an all year destination park.