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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Toss for Desserts

Desserts are one of the best stress fighters of all time, at least for me. Remember we are told to eat chocolates to alleviate our mood.

My favorite desserts, cake and ice cream rolled into one, though I would always prefer ice cream better than cake, it is still superb for food lovers like me and hooray for those who made this possible.  

Luckily, Bake & Churn have come up with products like this, the tastes is perfect for all ages.  Commended as the Consumers Choice Awards for 2011 Best Tasting Ice Cream Cakes and Scoops. Choices includes dome cake, rolls,  ice cream pints, chilly cups, Black forests bars and scoop of cakes.


Today, I have bought French Chocolate Cake for P530 and  two ice cream, Strawberry & Black forest both valued for P75 only ( this costs P50 each on regular price).

Cakes  comes in various flavors such as:

Bake & Churn 06

Premium Log Cake flavors are:

Bake & Churn 07

Making our ordinary everyday extraordinary, enjoy a mouthful of Bake & Churn products.


For more info, visit their site at Snow Joe Cream Coolers Inc.