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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kiddie Trip at the Subic Ocean Adventure

It’s time again to see our favorite dolphins and sea lion creatures. We headed north to explore the Asia’s only open water marine park located at Camayan Wharf Subic, Zambales

It is my  daughter’s field trip, unluckily, my wife won’t be able to make it and I was assigned to be the chaperone. I was excited because we were planning to go there and experience the difference of this adventure as compared to Ocean Park Hongkong and Manila Ocean Park and now here’s my chance.

And here we ended up at a 4:30 call time but departs at 6:00 am instead. Anyway, even if we have wake up at around 3:30amSleepy smile, we were not sleepy during the trip since we were looking outside the window to see some sights along NLEX.

Ocean Adventure is an open water marine park that is first and only in Southeast Asia located at the Camayan Wharf Ilanin Bay, Subic, Zambales, where the most preserved and diverse rain forest in the Philippines.  Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities such as swim encounter with the trained dolphins, closed encounters with the sea lions, and different kinds of forest species.

Ocean Adventure Discovery Aquarium

Ocean Adventure 01

We arrived at past 1pm. We missed the 1pm show so we first go to the Ocean Discovery Aquarium. Unlike Oceanarium in Manila Ocean Park, this one only has limited sea creatures exhibits where you cannot expect a life size aquarium exhibits or a curved tunnel walkway with lots of fish around. What you will see is only standard and common size Aquarium exhibits.

Walk on the Wild Side Show


This is the first show that we watch which begins with a demonstration of a indigenous Aetas on how to survive in a jungle and create a fire using only what the jungle can provide. Using only Bamboo, he created different kinds of stuff like utensils, fire grill, and a bowl to cook his rice.

Ocean Adventure 02

After the demonstration we were entertained into an Eco-theater show that transport guest into the forest at night where we meet a variety of birds, bats, mammals, and reptiles. As you see in the pictures there were also dog and cat in the show which you would wonder, why the hell they are doing in the forest. The show also features animals in rescue center. They have different stories to tell but the main objective is that audience will somehow know that they are also important to every one of us. 

Balancing Act

Ocean Adventure 03

Balancing act is a high energy show which features the amazing African Acrobats comprised of 6 individuals who performed incredible gymnastic and athletic feast such as rope jumping, Limbo, balancing, contortionist, and human pyramid building. This is an experience you don’t want to miss. It also feature off coarse Olongapo Jones and the Ocean Adventure mascot into a non–stop action, fun, and  humor that guest of all ages would surely enjoy learning while having fun is the best way to deliver environmental education.

Dolphin Friends Show

Ocean Adventure 04

The main attraction of the park which features not only dolphins  but whales in their lovely lagoon. Be trilled by their grace, agility, and intelligence in a non stop show in their true marine environment. Here you’ll see not two, not three dolphins, but seven different Dolphins and a whale swimming, jumping, and showing their own talents.

Sea Lion  Marine Patrol Show 

Ocean Adventure 05

The last show that we watched at 5:30pm which has a lively pool and a viewing area where audience can see the sea lions swimming and at play. The show has lots of action, humor, swimming and diving, and delivers a strong environmental message.

Ocean Adventure has different amphitheaters for every show where a covered walkways would lead them anywhere they want. Rain or shine anyone can visit  these lovely theme park. There are still a lot to improve and they must add more attractions to attract more visitors. Block out dates for field trips or company activities must also be scheduled so that families or small groups can plan their visit. I saw some private individuals or families were disappointed when some of the theaters were overcrowded.

Overall my daughter and I have fun,  Ocean adventure is truly fun filled and world class. Glad we have it here.Thumbs upLaughing out loud

How to get to Ocean Adventure click here

Please take note that bringing of food is not allowed. There are food stations available inside but not quite enough to choose from and it is too pricey. I suggest to eat a lot at any restaurant or fast food chain at Olongapo first. You can take away food and eat before entering Ocean Adventure gate.

Ocean Adventure - Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Park Hours:

9am to 6 pm everyday

Admission Prices :
Adult - Php 550

Children 12 years old and below - Php 440

Senior Citizen - Php 440

For other inquiries and group tour, call the number below

Phone: (047)252-9000

Fax: (047)252-5883

Manila Marketing Office

Phone: (02)706-3344 to 46

Fax: (02)706-0808