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Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall in Love at the Ruins

IMG_7129 It was this trip at Bacolod that made me aware Philippines has far more marvelous riches among the ruins. Always been lucky to see and enjoy our amazing country.

The structure that has stand the test of time and reminds us of the love that was never forgotten. The Ruins will make you fall in love over again.  It would be beyond words on how to describe its majesty and beauty.

Known as the Taj Mahal of Negros and considered as the 12th most fascinating ruins in the world. This was built by Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson for her wife, Maria Braga, a Portuguese in Macau, who died on her 11th pregnancy due to accident.  The mansion was burnt down in World War II by the USAFFE to prevent the Japanese forces from using it as their headquarters. 

Tripkoto The Ruins 02

Upon arriving at the Ruins, we were dumbstruck by the neo-Romanesque columns that greeted us. It seems that you were at  a different time and place.  Imagine the pouring of an A-grade mixture of concrete were made non stop until the structure was complete. It can be seen and felt that the mansion was constructed meticulously by just looking at the intricate columns. Still standing  tall though the years.


The four tiered fountain fronting the mansion.



It has also an 18 hole mini golf course and a  big chessboard as a recreational activity for  the family to enjoy. Best time to visit at dusk/during sunset when  skeletal structure was made bright by lights turned on.


The articles that were written about the Ruins displayed at the wall.

Tripkoto The Ruins 01

We grab a bite of Ham and Cheese Pizza at the Café at The Ruins for Php135, a Pineapple juice to quench our thirst for Php100. Though small, the ambience is pleasant . There is a souvenir shop, too.


Since the place is so romantic, the story adding to the beauty of the place, this is a good choice for weddings and pre-nuptials.


The Ruins is located at hacienda Sta Maria, Talisay City, to get there, ride a jeep with BATA signage for Php10.00 and alight at the Pepsi plant. Ride a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to the Ruins for Php25. Entrance fee is Php60.


Truly, one that you should not missed to visit once your in Bacolod.