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Friday, October 26, 2012

Scenic Falls at Mambukal Resort

Who can ever resist seeing a dramatic and spectacular natural wonder such as a waterfalls? I was given a chance again to see this God given wonder.

Mambukal Resort boasts of breathtaking seven waterfalls and serves as the gateway to Mt Kanla-on National Park, through the Wasay and Guintubdan trails.  This requires two day trek to reach the crater and descent via Guintubdan. We decided to drop by early in the morning so we could watch the Masskara street dance competition in the afternoon. One will always be captivated by a water that flows vertically in the course of a stream or river, a waterfalls.

Mambukal is located at Brgy Minoyan, Municipality of Murcia. The terminal bound to Mambukal is located at the Libertad Public Market. You will be happily riding a make shift bus with cool breezy air early in the morning and scenic view of lots of sugarcane along the road for Php50.00. Travel time is around 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Entrance Fee is Php50.00,  at the entrance you will be welcomed by plenty of greeneries' and smell the scent of fresh air.

We walked until we saw a path that ascends  leading to the falls but first you are required to sign a waiver that since the trek is dangerous, the resort is not liable if you have met an accident, I guess that’s what it says because I can’t  translate it verbatim. It was raining that time but since it was covered with trees, we barely get wet.


While trekking, we happened to pass by a big earthworm. Earthworm is covered by ring-like segments called annuli, and this annuli is covered with small hairs that helps them in moving and burrowing. It has moved to the ground that time probably so as not to get drowned since it is raining.


The hanging bridge where you can take the canopy walk.    


While walking along the path, you can hear the trickling stream of water getting louder as you get nearer the falls.


Finally, after at least a 30 minutes trek, the majestic First Falls.


It is worth the climb, hope we can preserve these through the years because natural beauty may lasts as long as it was preserved and maintained through unending efforts of the people, private organizations and the government.   We did not resume our trek to the other falls because it started raining hard.

Tripkoto Mambukas 01

After the trek, we ate at the Ikea of Kabankalan, one of the array of concessionaires to choose from,  Chicken Inasal for Php85.00 and Grilled Pork Belly, Php120.00.  Coffee is P25.00.


If you want to stay in the resort, here is one of the LGU cottages, floor area per room is 20 square meters. There are also honeymoon suites and family cottages. Hot mineral baths include sulfur Dipping Pool, Ishiwata Bathhouse and Japanese Ofuro.

Hope you enjoy your stay here cause we do, even for a little while.