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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sumptuous Treat at Le Garden Hongkong Restaurant

IMG_6595 Another food trip to celebrate a special birthday of one person dearest to my brother and whom we considered member of the family.

Time to experience sumptuous treat at Le Garden Restaurant near Paseo De Carmona, Cavite. One of the best tasting food treat I might ever have even I’m not in Hong Kong. 

Lee Garden Restaurant 01

It was Jen’s birthday, even though she’s not here, we  have celebrated her birthday with a  dinner bash. It was near the toll gate of Binan/Carmona  so it is accessible. We arrived around 8 pm and the ambiance is quite good , well lit and not too crowded. My daughter and I pry on their room with lobsters, sharks and various fishes, a fresh catch from the aquarium.

I 'am already hungry that time and I’m glad there is a ready peanut with sesame seeds to chew on while we are taking orders .


The appetizer soup is a combination of overloaded ground pork, eggs and herbs that  I can’t identify if it’s a celery. It’s like a nido soup teeming with  ground pork, and yes, it’s delicioso  for a head start of our meal.


We ordered for plain rice and special fried rice with Chinese Roast Pork, Prawns, Ham, Eggs, and Spring Onions.  Our viand is asado and very tasty, you may have only two slices but I can say this is enough to have your tummy full plus the special fried rice.



We have ordered separate meal for my daughter, the crispy Lechon Kawali.


The Pansit have so many ingredient's that I can’t name them  one by one. All I can say is that this too is so tasty that all I have eaten tonight is superb for my palate.


We have leftover for take home too. Overall, Jigo have paid almost P1,700 for a very delicious treat like this.