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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

El Ideal, Silay’s Original Bakery

One of the oldest Bakery in Negros, El Ideal provides affordable yet quality food for everyone. Each product has its own distinctive taste making it different from your ordinary food stop store.

El Ideal Bakery and Refreshment is included in one of the thirty heritage houses declared by the national historical institute. Located at 118 Rizal Street Silay City, Negros Occidental, this is only at least 20 minutes away from the airport. The place is currently under renovation when we ate there, but many people even tourist flocked the place. 


Before going to the airport, we take a snack at El Ideal Bakery. It is here we have tasted the superb La Paz Batchoy. The crushed pork cracklings (chicharon) used for garnishing is so crunchy. Top with raw egg blended with spring onions. The pork and pork liver is tender and the combination of beef and pork broth that must have included a worcestershire sauce enhances the flavour of soup.  For only Php80.00, this is a tempting treat.


Tasting a guapple pie is new to me. The flavour is a combination of sour, sweet and sandy when it melts in your mouth. A slice cost Php43 and this is available only here in El Ideal.


The coco pie slice for Php43.00, it is filled with tender coconut flakes to the edge unlike the usual commercialized coco pie where only the middle part has fillings. The syrup oozes upon every bite.


Puto Lanson made from grated cassava, the combination of milk, mascuvado sugar makes it ideal to my taste.


We have a  take home Cassava tray for Php160.00. Enjoy this classic Filipino dessert.

This is a food trip sponsored by our pal, Marina. We are grateful that aside from the memories we  get hold of from this trip, we were also reunited from our best pal since high school days, that is Marina. Nothing can be more memorable when two old friends have meet again (sounds like a song). Having chat with an old friend at the oldest bakery in town. This is truly a stop and snack that should not be surely missed once on Bacolod.