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Friday, November 23, 2012

Minori–Tei : Home of Authentic Japanese Cuisine

IMG_7443 Me and my wife were invited to have a lunch  in an authentic Japanese Restaurant located inside the First Industrial Park in Sto Tomas Batangas. 

Minori – Tei which means “Golden Harvest” connected the word authentic with umami. All menus were made from the finest ingredients and truly flavoursome foods await the lucky customer who will dine here.
Minori-Tei recently opened last September 21,2012 to cater the Japanese customers at the First Philippine Industrial Park in Sto Tomas, Batangas. Yes, this is located inside the ecozone and I can say it is conveniently located because you will be avoiding the noise and dust when the restaurant is situated along the national highway. It is beside the Microtel Hotel and when coming to and from  Batangas bound to Lucena, Minori -  Tei is the place to be.  It is “a home a away from home” for the Japanese customers and other  nationals who would want to have a taste of authentic Japanese food. 


Minori-Tei is a perfect food stop for travellers, barkada’s hang out, romantic date, family bonding, even if you’re just simply craving for a Japanese food because here, no meal is ordinary, every food that was served on the table is prepared and cooked with passion by Chef Toshiya Honda.


Minori-Tei’s ambience is soothing and calmly. It is very clean and not too crowded with TV monitors mounted on almost  all the walls. It has a videoke room and VIP room too.


The table setting for bigger groups.



We are invited to have lunch and was welcomed by William How, the Operations Manager,who is humble and very accommodating. From the left side is Ms Deborah How  and Chef Toshiya Honda.


We were given the chance to tour the place from food preparations to live kitchen.


The superb cuisine served to us was made possible by Chef Toshiya Honda , having a 25 years of experience in Japanese kitchen worldwide, with him running the place, it is considered self sufficient. Note that he do the marketing himself, making sure that all were from the freshest catch and the finest ingredients.

tripkoto Minori-Tei

Afterwards,  the lunch started. Here are some of the photo shoot of what we feasted upon, the taste, texture and umami-ness will be discussed on the next part of Minori-Tei’s sumptuous meal. I will show you details of the excellent food we have seen, felt, smelled and tasted. Look how every menu were meticulously done, the details will become secondary once you have tasted each one of it.  


The highlight of these menus is the Special Sashimi from Hokkaido ,appetizers alone have made our tummy’s full but there is more to come. All foods from small ingredients are so fresh.

tripkoto Minori-Tei 02

Main Dish

The main dish consisting of various meal courses. It is a combination of meat and fish course. Mostly fried but not the usual commercialized foods that has a lot of extenders.

tripkoto Minori-Tei 03


A very healthy dessert enjoyed by me. Red mongo beans topped with icing complements the fruits.


Just by looking at it will make you crave for more, have some at Minori-Tei’s!