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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mitsubishi Mirage, A Hatchback to Admire

IMG_7654 Could this be real or just an illusion? The Mitsubishi Mirage has made a comeback. A sub compact car suitable for anyone.

We are give a complimentary ticket for three on  Mirage Music Festival at SM MOA open grounds block 2 last Friday November 16, 2012. The much anticipated night of launching the All New Mitsubishi Mirage here in the Philippines. This night was filled by music by the top local bands like Pupil, Urbandub, General Luna to name a few. Prizes were also given away like iPad 3’s, Netbooks, LCD TV’s , Mirage exclusives and a lot more. Everything seems to be in good order and mood until I notice that my wife and I had been queuing for the last three hours? For food that should have been complimentary also for having pre-ordered a Mirage? I went to the first line to check what was taking the service of food for so long and I found out that lots of Mitsubishi agents were getting food for their other companion even if not on queue and worst the agent themselves were also not on queue, singit lang. This is ridiculous. Anyway, I went here to see the Mirage, and hopefully next time Mitsubishi should have monitored  their events thoroughly .




Here are some of the details taken from their brochures, write ups, home page why I particularly like the Mirage.

tripkoto mirage 01

Value for Money

Number one is Value of Money, aside from the retail price that was lesser than the other sub compact,  the 21/km/L is a must. For the prices of gasoline nowadays with lots of rollbacks but one shot increase will double all your rollback, even tripled, this highlight is timely.

Value for Space

Second is the spacious interior, giving an enjoyable ride and travel for five persons just like the usual sedan. Most small cars with the same category can only fit 2 adults at the back, in Mirage there is plenty of leg rom and 3 adults can comfortably sit at the back.

I could name all the desirable feature  that I choose but I want you to check it out also how interesting this new sub compact is from Mitsubishi.

My personal choice would be hmmm? Thinking smile  Actually we are still deciding between Majestic Red or Eisen Gray Mica (but not included in my picture though). Anyway the 2013 Mitsubishi Mirage comes with  8 different colors to chose from Lemonade Yellow Metallic, Pop Green Metallic, Medium Blue Mica, Savannah White, Cool Silver Metallic, and Pyrenese Black, so what’s yours?