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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pasalubong Centers @ Bacolod

While wandering around Bacolod, we include in our itinerary to go to Pasalubong centers that are best known for the quality, taste and economical value.

There is plenty to smile about in Bacolod, and we will not leave the place without bringing home something to our loved ones, pasalubong (souvenir), any gift, or specialty  that was specially made in Bacolod.

BongBong’s Pasalubong

Tripkoto BongBongs 01

Our first stop is Bongbong’s Pasalubong, while walking along Bacolod Plaza, and passing by Bacolod Cathedral,  we dropped by at Bongbongs to buy napoleones, this stuff is made of bite sized square like croissant  topped with light icing and custard cream filling. Yummy.

Piayas are freshly made here.  You can see how piayas are made thru the glass enclosures,  baked in huge griddles, being flipped over to brown the other side.  Piaya is a flat bread filled either with special ube, mango or just the mozcovado (raw) sugar.  Bongbongs products are but not limited to Banadas, Biscocho,  Barquillos, Butter Scotch and Pastillas De Mangga.

Bacolod Showroom

The following day, while waiting for the Masskara Streetdance, we went to the Bacolod Showroom, Pasalubong and Gift Shop where we buy a souvenir shirt for my daughter, an Azatri T Shirt worth Php289.00 only.


The Bacolod showroom inaugurated on July 11, 2012 , which showcases the various products and services of the city’s local producers. It is located at the old City Hall, this aims to boosts not only tourism but also develop the creativity of their local artists in non food products.


The displays include first class items, such as a wall d├ęcor  that are made from recycled materials.


Masks that comes in various forms. Very creative and innovative.

Tripkoto Bacolod Showroom

Accessories that are brightly colored, too bad I have not bought one for my daughter. Any one of these  will complement the wearer’s outlook. House decors and food products to name a few of the items displayed in the showroom.

Merci’s Pasalubong

Lastly, we bought mostly our pasalubong at MERCI’s, the largest souvenir retail chain in Negros Island and we are given a 10% discount on food items Open-mouthed smile. Glad that Marina (our best friend since high school) is with us, she is now living in Bacolod and knows the to and from in Bacolod. You will be given a 10% discount by showing your airline ticket, but since I did not brought it with me, I only showed the boarding pass that was in my pocket. Lucky still Winking smile

Tripkoto Merci's 01

Here are the items we bought with prices, you might make them as references to add in your budget in your future travel to Bacolod. Azatri adult tee shirt for Php325, Barquilitos@Php29.70, Peanut Kisses@Php39.50, Brojas@ Php31.95, Barquillos small 20’s @Php44.55,Barquiron 19’s@Php36, Moscobado 1/2@Php44.50, Cheese Tarts 6’s@Php36.90, Toasted Mamon 19’s@Php23.85, Butterscotch 24’s box@Php126, Baye-baye small@Php15, Pinasugbo 12’s@Php 16.65, Piaya Mango@Php35.10, Piaya Ube 10’s@Php36 and Piaya flat 5’s@Php16.20. I personally prefer Piaya, Butterscotch, Barquillos, Cheese Tarts. Ok, I like all of it and what I really like is that Marina paid for almost half of the receipts. Very generous.

Your Pasalubong centers guide for your next travel to Bacolod. Till then.