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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sweet Lovers at Calea

Negros Island is known as the “Sugarbowl  of the Philippines”  because it produces more than half of the country’s sugar. No wonder the best cakes and pastries were made here.

Calea is renown for extremely delicious cakes and when in Bacolod, we never missed the chance of tasting one of their cakes. But since we arrive early as 8:30am we decided to have breakfast at C’s @ L Fisher Hotel instead.


Sagay Smoked  Bacon with Scrambled Egg for only Php130. C’s, Coffee, Cakes, Chocolate offers various breakfast menus and desserts. C’s have displays of cakes but we were saving our stomachs for the dessert later.

Tripkoto Calea 02

Just around 9am after finishing our breakfast  that Calea opened and we  crossed the street. Calea  is located at Balay Quince Commercial Building, 15th Lacson Street, to get there, ride a jeepney from central with a BATA signage and alight at L Fisher Hotel, this is exactly in front of Calea. Though still early, there are already several people coming to this place, some bought at least three boxes of different cakes while others in group of 12’s ordered several slices. Calea’s setting is blue, though this color was believe to restrain appetite, this may not run true for Calea, because when you’re here, all you may want is to eat, eat and eat their various cakes.   Blue may have a calming effect instead while you were eating one of their best seller cakes.

Tripkoto Calea 01

Just looked at the various cakes display, so tempting to look at and we ordered for the Imported Choco Php85.


and the Double Choco for php70, this is the best seller. So delicious, highly recommended.


A visit to Calea while in Bacolod is not a must but a necessity, who could ever resist such a good tasting cake to your heart’s content.