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Monday, December 31, 2012

Lantern Festival @ Nuvali

Sky Lantern Nuvali 01 Nuvali has come up once again with a very interesting and unique activity enjoined and enjoyed by everyone last December 30, 2012. Light up Nuvali with all the sky lanterns filling the skies is truly an amazing sight to behold.

As Nuvali’s tagline goes, “This year, Nuvali invites you to leave your worries behind to the year that was” seems so very right on time.


We arrived around 6:15 pm just in time to have a strategic parking slot not too far from the activity area. Throngs of people are already waiting for the sky lanterns invade the sky.

Sky Lantern Nuvali 02

A huge crowd from all walks of life witnessed this unique event that is only applicable in a wide and open field just like Nuvali. Aside from the sky lantern, people also enjoyed live bands playing their beat.


As the saying “Great events are those moments that memories are made of”, here in Nuvali another memorable event has made that thousands of people have witnessed.


Though sky lanterns are indeed beautiful as a fairly splendid sight as they drift off into the night , there are still danger it can give once it came down alight aside from an eyesore to clean up but could also start a fire on someone’s house. We have also witnessed during the event that about 3 to 5 sky lanterns didn’t made it to fly but burned instead and fell into the ground. One lantern fell on top of a tent but immediately pulled off by a person standing next to it. As advised by many this should be done in an open field not in the city. Some cities all over the world have started banning this sky lanterns but here in the Philippines is still being debated.