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Monday, December 24, 2012

Peek @ Boracay Island

A birthday celebration in a dream destination recognize  by Travel+Leisure Magazine as the best beach in the world, The Boracay Island in the Philippines.

Boracay Island, Philippines best destination we can be very proud of, from the crystal blue water to the powdery white sand beach.  You may even simply lay down and relax while watching the waves touch your feet. Amazing natural wonder.


It is November once gain and this is a very enjoyable month for us because it is my birthday & my daughter, Janna. We have planned to celebrate at  Boracay, the world’s best island destination for 2012,  recognition given by the Travel+Leisure Magazine .


I already booked a flight last July on a seat sale bound to Kalibo. This is much cheaper as compared to Caticlan, though we have to pay for P250@ for van-boat transfer, an environmental fee of Php75, terminal fee of Php200, tricycle for Php100, I still consider it much cheaper.

We stayed at Erikos House located at Station 2 for Php1,800/per night with a spacious bathroom, TV, and a  refrigerator. A refrigerator is a must for food storage, we bought  half gallon of ice cream and soft drinks.  Erikos also provide hot water in case you want a cup of noodles early in the morning or even late at night. Good for barkadas and family since the place is not costly, decent and so near D’ Mall where you can find lots of stuffs to buy and places to eat. 

A peek at Boracay on an early Saturday morning like this is  captivating. No wonder it has gain recognition from around the world.


There are lots of activities like parasailing, ATV and Buggy car, Fishing and Scuba Diving to name a few. You will never run out of choices here.

Boracay has plenty of nice places to eat and has a very good taste too.  Btw, McDonald’s recently opened this November only,  it is beside Boracay Regency Resort, we have our breakfast there.

Lemon Café

Here we bought a lemon pie, brownies and the bestseller which is so good is the Lemon Cheesecake.


The Backyard BBQ

We ordered for Chicken BBQ and is so tasty and tender to the bone.


Watching the sunset. Very relaxing.


Janna have her hair braided for only Php250, see the difference.


And even at night, Boracay is even more alive with lots of buffet,  bars, bands and places selling almost anything world class.

Boracay Expenses
Airfare Roundtrip Php5,622.68
Van+Boat to Caticlan Php1,625.00
Terminal Fee Php   720.00
Van+Boat to Kalibo Php   670.00
Eriko’s House (3D/2N) Php2,600.00
Lunch @ Backyard BBQ Php   565.00
Fruitshake @ Jonah’s Php   220.00
Groceries Php   354.25
Dinner @ Andok’s Php   249.00
Breakfast @ McDonald’s Php   419.00
Dessert @ Lemoni Cafe Php   297.00
Breakfast @ Tan’s Php   255.00
Lonely Planet Php1,829.50

Total Spending Php15,426.23

Budgeted amount for 2 adults and a kid for a 3 days and two nights amounted to all is Php15,426.43 that’s it, enjoying your stay at Boracay without costing you the whole world.