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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Festive Lunch at Café on the Ridge

IMG_7572 Taking lunch at Café on the Ridge at the Taal Vista Hotel is truly breathtaking while having a nice view of the world famous Taal Volcano and breathing the fresh air at the same time.

It was my father’s birthday and we would like to surprise him with a birthday treat fit for a king as our way of saying thank you for all the years he has taken good care of us.

The destination, to one of the most calming and fresh hotel in Tagaytay.

Tripkoto Tagaytay 01

The goal, eat to our hearts content.


So here we go, it’s eating timeSmile with tongue out. Café on the Ridge has various selections of foods that was divided in different counters. Food choices inspired by tropical ingredients but mostly Heritage Filipino Cuisines and best dishes from all over the country. From Ilocano dishes to Visayan and Ilonggo’s best, it’s all available here at Café on the Ridge.


Salad counter with various choices to choose from.


I love the seaweed salad known as ar-rosip in Ilocano.


The Taal Vista Heritage Cuisine.  Most ingredients used are of course from the local farmers of Tagaytay.


The fruits counter for dessert.


Halo Halo, a classic Filipino dessert to soothe everyone. This is a popular Filipino dessert with various ingredients combined with shaved iced and evaporated milk. To make it more yummy, this is also topped with leche fan, ube and ice cream, but sad to say ube and ice cream are not available for  serving at Cafe on the Ridge.


I just love Maki


Pansit Habhab (one of the bestseller in Quezon Province)


Your choice of pasta with Paella on the sidelines.


Mango cream filling, yummy

Actually, I haven’t taken lots of pictures because during our meal we were serenaded by a beautiful cultural performances but there are variety of foods to choose from.



Just like in Villa Escudero they have musicians serenading and a cultural dance show. Very impressive.

We really enjoyed our dining here.