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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dinner Buffet at Cafe Jeepney

Café Jeepney located at the ground floor of Intercontinental Hotel named after the most popular mode of transportation here in the Philippines, the Jeepney. 

I have checked at a group buying site and find a promo for Cafe Jeepney, I was very frantic to buy since I am very fond with foods. My family and I went for a dinner buffet three weeks after we bought the voucher. We arrived at  around 7 pm and we thought that there will be so many food choices at Café Jeepney but were disappointed for the lack of it so I concentrated on the dessert instead. They have superb choices of dessert though.


The bread counter


The soup and dimsum counter


The salad counter with choices of marinated coleslaw, potato with coldcuts salad, pineapple tomato salad,  cucumber yoghurt salad and seafood penne pasta.

The steamed clams with vegetable and sinigang broth is the only viand I like for that day. However I tried the Grilled Pork and Beef that is on my plate.


For the dessert, I like the crepe samurai.


This circular small chocolate cake with no name is so delicious.


Mango Cheesecake and White Chocolate and Winter Berries tastes good.

Tripkoto Cafe Jeepney 01
Here are some of the food choices I made, what is on my plate, the tastes is not so delicious though.

Dining here at Café Jeepney is quite ok. The ambience's good, very Filipino,the staff are very accommodating and the dessert is superb. Unfortunately, there are some things that needs to be improve, for example, there are very limited food selection, the viands are already cold and the tastes is not so good, just like from an ordinary  restaurant which sometimes you would wonder if this was cooked by a chef. For a price of Php1,760 discounted at a price of Php875, hope you will be getting your moneys worth.


Café JeepneyIntercontinental Hotel ManilaAyala, Makati Philippines
Tel No : 632-7937000