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Monday, February 11, 2013

How Do You Live More?

The banner, You Only Live Once, Live More, is  exactly right for this unique activity. Joined by different ages and status, the aim is to have fun and surprises comes in all directions.

The Live More Run at Nuvali Sta Rosa Laguna last January 19 at 3pm to 8pm sponsored by Smart is a very fun filled event.   The difference with this run is not in finishing the race instead runners will be showered with colored powders in every kilometers so you will be taking your time while running and anticipating what is the next color that will be showered upon you.

Nuvali is near our place and we arrived around 3 pm just in time to get our bibs and singlet at the well organized registration counter. People and pets alike are already lined up at the registration.  We get our loot bag during registrations which consist of free Ray-ban Shades and the Smart Live More souvenir shirts but we did not wear it during the run. It was too windy in Nuvali so my wife, who didn't join the run but choose to take photos and cover the event instead, decided to wear our t-shirts as she couldn’t go back to our car to get her jacket.


The organizers started to shower us color powders just before the start of the run so our faces were covered with powder.


The excitement begins around 3:30 pm and my brother, Jigo and I have lots of fun while running. We were showered with colored powder every kilometer which also has different kinds of obstacle course to be able to get your own free color powder packet. First is the green where you have to crawl under the net. Second is the orange where a Pabitin style obstacle course is waiting for the runners to grab on another color packet. Third is the Pink where you have to jump on cushion pillows. Fourth is the yellow where you have to shoot a big inflatable ball in a ring to get more color packet. And the last is blue where a water shower courtesy of Maynilad is waiting runners to wash off their powders but no one endure to take the shower of course.


After the run, we get the finishers loot bag that consist of the Live More Medal, color packets, and a Smart SIM card.


But the fun doesn’t end there yet because raffle and other surprises are awaiting runners at the baseball field where there is also a ceremonial color toss headed by Derek Ramsey which followed by a series of concerts featuring Sponge Cola and other bands.


Over all,  the event is really awesome and fun. Though we were so tired, dirty and cold from the Nuvali’s windy atmosphere, we still felt this is the most enjoyable event that we have been to. Life is good and we only live once. So enjoy living and have more fun.

So how do you live more? Live simply and healthy.