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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Best Day at Guevarra’s

It was a day to celebrate because of my mother in law’s birthday. A 76 years of existence is worth celebrating and we decided to surprise her by dining at  one of Chef Laudico’s famous restaurant at Guevarra’s. 

Owned by  famous chefs Rolando who’s known as Chef Lau in the reality cooking show Master Chef Philippines and Jackie Laudico with various restaurants in the metro such as the Bistro Filipino in Taguig and the all-day breakfast at BFast at the Ayala Triangle in Makati. An exciting venture serving buffet Filipino cuisine at a 200-seater renovated  1920 white heritage house located at the center of a quiet village in San Juan. The name Guevarra’s was derive from the location of the restaurant at P.Guevarra in San Juan. 


I like the place because old houses fascinates me.  Like what chef Lau described the Guevarra’s as the best dining place specially with your love ones wherein you gonna  feel like you’re just dining at your home or having a family reunion at your grand mother’s  house.


My mother-in-law’s simple birthday dinner took place at Guevarra’s last October wherein the restaurant also celebrates the Masskara Festival in honoring of our friends in Bacolod where Masskara is originally being celebrated. Waiters  wearing masskara while singing a birthday song.

Tripkoto Guevarra's 01

The complimentary cake also has an Ilonggo transalation of happy birthday written on it.


The long buffet table is just located at one side wherein at the right end, you may find the ube and cheese soft serve machine, various desserts such as ensaymada, banana cake, champorado and rice cakes, majablanca, various fruits, and some pasta. Starters such as steamed vegetables and mini lumpiang ubod are among the few. Then at the middle are main course dishes which offers modernized Filipino favorites such as Angus beef, kare-kare, fried chicken adobo, pakbet bagnet, sea foods, beef caldereta, and a lot more.


Then at the end table at your left  is where the roast and grill is located serving grill squid, local gindara and lechon. At the end corner is  where your drinks are located, such as  iced tea and soda or soft drinks to choose from.

Tripkoto Guevarra's 02

Guevarra’s 200-seating capacity is still not enough for a huge crowed coming in every weekend and even during weekdays so better book a table reservation first to ensure a better dining slot for you. And as I mentioned that buffet table is located at one side where all food sections are located, expect a long queue when getting a dish you like and not to mention that there are dining tables that are also located just beside the buffet table, so if you happen to reserved on that area, what you may be saying or talking about might be heard not just by your date or mate but may be also be heard by the people queuing in front or near your table.


Buffet cost including iced tea and soda for weekdays is P499, and P599 during weekends and opens from 2:30pm to 10pm.

387 P. Guevarra Street cor. Argonne Street
San Juan City, Metro Manila

You may call for reservations at this numbers;
(02) 705-1811 / 705-1874