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Friday, March 21, 2014

Trip Ko ‘To ( This is my Journey)

S/W Ver: 85.98.E0R Life is a constant change, full of journey and surprises, what maybe here today maybe gone tomorrow, so cherish every moment that you may encounter, good or bad. What will create the balance is the word TRAVEL.

My father told me that I need to travel when I grow older. He said that this will broaden my mind, sharpen my senses and learn new things from the culture of the people that I will meet; the most important thing is that learning to appreciate even the simplest things.

I have been strolling and travelling around places but not too distant from our house because I was thinking that traveling out of town will cost me the whole world, and it will be more costly if I bring the entire family with me. But it was only this time that I realize that there are several budget travels that is suited for my needs, better there is DIY (Do it Yourself). Today I can travel with my family at any place I want because I am  lucky enough that there are so many choices of budget airlines and budget accommodations that I can book on earlier without  any hassle. Travelling cheap depends on proper planning. Money will not be a constraint from your next adventure out there.

True enough, it was only year 2011 when my family and I started to travel and the first destination is the Underground River in Palawan, chosen as one of the New7Wonders of Nature on January 28, 2012.  We were quite excited and nervous since this is the first time that we are riding a plane and though were not yet familiar with requirements, I have already searched the net and read forums on the the things to bring and what to do on a first plane ride.   
We have been blessed enough to see the beauty and wonder of the Underground River; the awesomeness and greatness that can be felt once seeing the major formations of stalactites and stalagmites. To think that limestone stalactites forms usually less than 10 cm every thousand years is very amazing. A single look a like jellyfish may have been formed in million years. The value is beyond compare and impressive. I have fell in love with the hospitality of the people of Puerto Princesa. Their kindness and sincerity is truly remarkable that deeply left a mark in my heart.

This travel inspired me to go to different places and tell the world thru my blog site that Philippines have a lot to be gracious and proud of in terms of natural wonders. To appreciate and take care of the God given creations.


Like what I have said before Life is a constant change, what maybe here today maybe gone tomorrow, so cherish every moment that you may encounter, good or bad. Philippines have wonders build by nature, other countries spend a lot of money for a man made wonders. Time comes that masterpiece or wonders either made by nature or man made will be gone. These happen with my experience with Baclayon Church, we have visited this church last January 28, 2013 and the same church was turned to rubble due to earthquake last October 15, 2013. Considered as one of the oldest church in Philippines where millions of egg whites was turned into cement. Imagine how complicated the structure was built and gone in an instant.


My family and I are blessed  enough to see the Baclayon and Loboc Church personally and been able to know how it was made.

This is also the trip where we met the endearing smallest primate, the Philippine tarsier. Previously considered as one of the most endangered species, this nocturnal animals which have suicidal tendencies have left a mark in my heart. Now, tarsiers are stricken off on the endangered species and was classified only as on the  “watch list”. Thankful to the conservation efforts of the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, spearheaded by Mr Carlito Pizarras known as the Tarsier man and also by the international support from US and Australia to preserve our huggable Tarsiers.

The experience one may gained from travelling is really a change in perspective. A simple way of going to the workplace may be quite burdensome for me, either I was caught on a traffic jam or a morning rush hour will trapped me, packed like a sardines in a train station that is not yet ready to cope with the peak of demands. My experience in Coron, Palawan thought me another thing though, to be grateful even for the simplest things in life. I learned thru our tour guide, Noy, that the aborigines of Palawan known as the Tagbanwas who lived in remote villages in the mountains will walk for three days to buy necessities in town basically for 2 kilos of rice and 2 cans of sardines while others who have waited in the mountain will simply eat cassava.
I have fallen in love with The Ruins in Bacolod, captured the beautiful faces at Masskara Festival, laid back in Anawangin Cove, tasted the pristine waters in Coron, survived the spelunking at Ugong Rock, dazzled by the white sand in Boracay, met the smallest primate in the world at the Tarsier Conservation, visit the miraculous Marian Hills at Simala Shrine, awestruck at the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.

These were just some of the journeys I have been and seen.

And these journeys will never end.