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Sunday, May 18, 2014

An Awesome Staycation At Pico de Loro

IMG_2016 It’s been a very long time since we went to the beach and as I remember it’s  a year already which is the clear waters of Bohol Beach Club.

I’ve missed getting to the beach so much. Since Philippines is surrounded by ocean, there is no need to spend more money and travel for hundreds of miles just to find a very relaxing and beautiful beaches in this country. So I immediately grab my map and try to find some place that is just a few hours drive away from home. I’ve already been to Nasugbu Batangas a couple of times back then, also tried Laiya and Puerto Gallera. I want to go to someplace that I have never been before but it’s just within the neighboring province. How about Cavite? Well I thought that most beaches in Cavite are part of the Manila Bay, oh no…. to think of it the Manila Bay is very very polluted, I told to my self that not in a million years I would go  for a swim in the beaches of Cavite. But I was wrong because in fact there are still beaches in Cavite that are still best and truly non-hazardous I would say. So I trim my search to the province of Ternate. There is Puerto Azul Resort, the Marine Barracks good for swim camp, and the Caylabne Bay Resort.

All day long still wondering where to go until it came to my mind why not try Pico de Loro. Well it is part of Ternate and Maragondon (but most part Batangas). The beach is clean and it is part of the Verde Island Passage which is a crucial center of marine bio-diversity within the coral triangle found between islands of Mindoro and the main land Luzon (Batangas-Bataan).



Pico de Loro is a member only Luxury Life style Residential Resort located at the Marine Protected Area of Hamilo Coast with an expansive 5,900 hectare property located at Nasugbu Batangas. Hamilo Coast has  13 coves (one of it is the Pico de loro Cove), expansive coast line of about 30 kilometers (Pico de Loro has 1.5 kilometers sloping beach) and it is rich in marine life and abundant flora and fauna. Pico de Loro is name after the Mt Pico (which is also famous for mountaineers that has 664 meters above sea level) which resembles a parrot’s beak shaped located at the peak of the mountain.  Parrot is referred to as “Loro” in the Filipino language.

Luckily I have a friend in the office who have been to Pico de Loro lately and I was introduced to some one who can help us get in the resort then later became our sponsor. Then a week later our visit to the residential resort came to reality.


You can reach Pico de Loro in two different ways. One is via Tagaytay-Nasugbu and the other way is via Ternate Cavite wherein you will pass by the Kaybiang Tunnel. From Binan City we decided to take the Ternate Route  which we will pass by the towns of Carmona, Dasma and then Ternate. A less than two hour drive from home via Governor Drive in Cavite, we were greeted by a very respectful guard in the main gate where we presented our entry clearance to the resort. Entrance Fee is Php1000 per head which is payable at the club house 2 kilometers away from the Main Gate. Gate Guard immediately verified in the expected guest list upon receipt of our entry pass. Remember before going to the cove, guest must secure a clearance from his sponsor and guest must also inform the exact date he will be visiting the residential resort. Just a few minutes we were advise to proceed to the resorts club for registration. I forgot to mention  that the resort club is not just 2 kilometers away but also need to drive uphill because it is located at the other side of the mountain.


Upon getting into the top, you’ll see the magnificent view of the cove then he residential structures lined up below, by the way the club house is at the far end next to the Luxury Hotel where non-member or guest are allowed to stay. Accommodations is ranging from Php5,700 to Php9,000 for regular day but up to Php11,700 for peak depending on your budget. But for us we stayed at our sponsor condo unit which is just a Standard Unit good for a family of 8. I cannot elaborate the cost of our stay because this is just a sponsored vacation but I can give you some ideas later and I will also give you the authorize agencies that has contact with Pico de Loro.


This is a very serene place where you can enjoy lots of activities.



We brought in foods for cooking but those food that are needed to be smoked or grilled are not allowed because each room is equipped with smoke alarms.


There are other amenities than can be done at Pico de Loro but of course, most amenities can only enjoyed by a club member or a Hotel Guest. We were invited to take some to share it if your are interested to become a member.


the ever popular sports for all ages and all sexes, Badminton




Table Tennis




and Billiards.


Swimming Pools that is open for all either member or non-club member or Guest which has adult and kiddie pools.

If you like to have an adventure, they also offer speed boat ride, banana boat, jet skis ride, trekking and hiking, or just simply relax along the beach while watching the sun set. Snorkeling and fishing can also be done at the other coves few kilometers away.


Convenience store is available at Pico De Loro Country Club  wherein you can use your consumable card to buy foods and snacks you want. By the way upon entry to the cove, aside from paying the required entrance fee for non-member which is 1000 per person, you must also purchase a Guest Cash Card at the Club Resort worth Php1100 (consumable).

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