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Monday, May 5, 2014

Breakfast at Sonya’s Garden

IMG_2386 It’s been a very busy month for me so I’ve decided to take a break even for a while and go to a very relaxing place and eat in just 20 minutes drive away from home.

One thing that comes to my mind is to to have breakfast at Sonya’s Garden, have a peaceful meal in their lush garden. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by fresh air and a scent of fresh flowers.


Cool breeze that is not common in the metro, everything seems ok until we were greeted by one of their employee and it goes something like this, “Welcome to Sonya’s Garden, aware po ba sila na ang breakfast dito ay Php550?” in a loud voice.  (Are you aware that breakfast here costs Php550.00?) . I simply said yes and laugh to myself. To think that we have made reservation, well so much for their customer service.  



At Sonya’s, you can choose either Continental or Filipino Style Breakfast, I chose Filipino Style breakfast.

with fried rice,

fried boneless bangus,

some bacon,

pork and chicken adobo,

omelet, all of which just tasted bland and nothing unusual.

Some Bread also,


This ripe mango with tomatoes sprinkled with herbs is the only meal that satisfy my palate served in generously with thyme.

All of this food are already good for two which is a bit pricey for me but the luscious garden surrounding complement the mood except for the rude Manager.

Sonya’s Garden is famous for serving several course healthy meal which feature their homemade pasta and produce grown organically in a sprawling garden. Reservations are essential if you want to stay or just simply eat but the challenge is that they can only be reach via cell phone. Doesn’t have landlines but you can make an online reservations.  It is located at Alfonso Cavite, just after the Antonio’s Restaurant and few kilometers  away from MC Mountain Home Apartelle, you’ll see a signage that you must turn right because Sonya’s Garden is not along the main highway.

Sonya’s Bed and Breakfast
Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite 4123, Cavite Philippines
CP: 63917 533 5140, 63917 532 9097