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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Festive Pahiyas 2014

IMG_1356 It’s May 15 once again and time to go to the most celebrated Pahiyas Festival  in Lucban Quezon.

Lucbaenos always shows  creativity in giving thanks to  their patron San Isidro Labrador for their bountiful harvest. We already witnessed these event in 2012 and promised to come back again. (see the Pahiyas 2012)

Since we woke up late in the morning, I know that major roads leading to Lucban Quezon particularly the Lucena-Tayabas Road are already in heavy traffic. So we chose the San Pablo-Majayjay Road. Taking this route is easy and we passed by other heritage and tourist towns of Liliw, Nagcarlan and Majayjay.


I will  show some of the most interesting things I have captured in my recent visit to Pahiyas 2014. 


Showcasting their native products, hats that made up of abaca, their famous Pancit Habhab, and Longanisa


Various native bags.


A mascara made of various nuts resembling a face in Masskara Festival


Houses elaborately designed in vegetables and fruits.


Lucbaenos really made some effort to make this Festival worth celebrating. 

All roads leading to Lucban Town proper were closed for traffic, so we could not go to Tayabas to buy the famous Yema Cake.

Tripkoto Pahiyas 01

But luckily, we have found someone selling the same but a bit pricey. Buying for the first time one of the most delicious cake I have ever tasted, the Rodillas Yema Cake. Not so sweet but so yummy.


Pahiyas Festival is truly one of the most grandest and colorful festival celebrated in Luzon every year and it’s getting better and better. A salute to Lucbanuenos and to the farmers of Quezon by always being thankful to God for a bountiful harvest.