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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Road to the Southern Highland Provinces of Laguna

IMG_3293 Laguna is truly a province full of history and has a lot of landmarks to visit. 

We decided to go to the southern extremity where the highland towns of Majayjay, Liliw, and Nagcarlan are located before we celebrate the Pahiyas 2014.  

Majayjay, Laguna

Visiting the Majayjay Church also known as the San Gregorio Magno Church. Built since 1575 through force labor headed by Spaniards. 



I wonder why the church was closed when we visited the church. Maybe because it says that antique statues inside the church are originals which manifested the early era of the Spaniards colonizing and propagating Christianity.

Because Majayjay is located at the foot of Mount Banahaw, the town is also  famous for its falls, the Taytay Falls or Majayjay Falls.

Taytay Falls 01

It is a two-storey high falls located at the middle of the abundant forest. To reach the falls, one has to go down in a stone steps which is about 2 kilometers long trail.

Taytay Falls 02

Upon reaching the falls, you can relax dipping in a very cold water or simply swim. Truly worth a long trek to this place.

Liliw, Laguna

The long trek at Taytay Falls is truly captivating. We really need a pair of new footwear so we decided to go for shopping at Liliw Laguna, the Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines or Footwear Capital of the Philippines which rivals that of Marikina City.


The main road of Liliw are full of stalls and tiange shops selling all size of footwear, bags, and leather belts.

Tripkoto Pahiyas 02

Buying for just one pair is not enough, because the price is so cheap definitely you would want to buy some more designs.

Nagcarlan, Laguna

Since we have now our very own new footwear, we decided to go home. But since we will pass by the town of Nagcarlan, we decided to pay a visit to the famous historical landmark the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.

Tripkoto Pahiyas 03

Built by a Franciscan priest in 1845 which has a chapel in the middle and underneath is the burial site making this unique from other cemeteries. 

The province of Laguna have so much to be proud of. The beautiful places, historical sites, and the products they offer. This is just the west side of Laguna and we will visit the other side as well next time. Can’t wait to see the heritage houses of Pila Laguna. The man made lake in Caliraya, and the majestic falls of Pagsanjan. Till next time! Winking smile