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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ilocos Road Trip: A Gallivanting Through Time (part 1)

IMG_1040 It’s been awhile since we visited Ilocos.

This province it self is a wonder, so rich in culture because long before the Spanish Occupation, the province of Ilocos particularly the City of Vigan has been an intermediary center of trade and transshipment to and from the neighboring Asian country particularly China and even Europeans sought silk and porcelain in this region. And when the Spanish came, architectures and European style urban planning was introduced. It is here in Ilocos where you can only find a huge number of well-preserved example of classic architectural with conglomeration of cultural elements from China, Spain and the Philippines. Though the entire Philippines has its own preserve structures such as mansions, haciendas, and stone houses, this region has it all.

Vigan City

This is our first stop in 6-hours journey from the hustle and bustle of the city of Manila. Deemed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vigan is one of the few colonial town left in the Philippines where its structures remained intact.

Things to do in Vigan City

Stroll at Calle Crisologo


A cobble-stoned street lined with heritage houses inspired from classic Spanish, Chinese and European architecture. Best to ride a calesa or horse-drawn buggy to have the feeling that you really are gallivanting through time. 

Buy a Souvenir at the Shops in Calle Crisologo


Visit Bantog Clay Pottery


Bantog Clay is the type of soil found in Vigan and is best material for making pots, jars and all earthenware. We’ve been here twice and it hasn’t change a bit except for the tiange or souvenir shops at the hall entrance. Try making the famous burnay which is their traditional jar used to ferment sugarcane wine or locally known as basi.

Visit the Baluarte


A 80 hectares zoo located at barangay Salindeg where tourist can see variety of animals, no dinosaurs of course Winking smile. The zoo is owned by former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson.

Dine for Vigan Specialty or Pick the best plant at the Hidden Garden

Vigan 01

If you think that romantic images and atmosphere of the classical history of Vigan City is not enough for you even at night where heritage houses was lit with antique-style lamps to give an other-worldly ambiance, hmmp well head to the Hidden Garden to complete the experience of truly Filipino hospitality.

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