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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ilocos Road Trip: A Gallivanting Through Time (part 3)

Ilocos Norte was truly a tourist friendly province. Aside from a well maintained and wide roads, there are plenty of tourists center to pass by, so you will never get lost and never miss the best tourist spot in town.

Thanks to the effort of the local government and the town folks who have contributed to this. Finally some realized how important is giving and spending something to make it a truly tourist friendly province. Tourism is a very serious business because a lot of people can   benefit from it. Employment, education, infrastructure, and security. I will not elaborate nor explain it one by one but surely Philippines has a lot more places to show that other countries cannot but still there are lots of things that needs improvement. It can be done by the help of every one.

Paoay Church 


Church of San Augustine or commonly known as Paoay Church was designated by UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993 as one of the four Baroque Churches of the Philippines that is standing still up to the present. 



The monumental icon of the town will continually make us fall in love by its iconic structure all day and even overnight.

Malacanang of the North 


The First Family during the Marcos Era has built many houses and retreats in the country for the 20 years of its regime. One of it is the Malacanang of the North. It was a birthday gift of the time first lady Imelda Marcos to his husband’s 60th birthday. It has became the official residence of the Marcoses in the north during the time which is situated along the beautiful Paoay Lake. Today, the mansion houses some of the old furniture and memorabilia of the Marcoses.

Fort Ilocandia

Fort Ilocandia 01

A five star hotel and casino located in Laoag City Ilocos Norte with 77 hectares of land. It has 267 rooms with private balconies offering the view of the sea and possessing the features of century old living quarters constructed to emphasize colonial feel while staying on this hotel.

Laoag City


The Provincial Capital of Ilocos Norte and the center of commerce, trade and industry of the region. It has an international airport and has been the gateway of many tourist going to Pagudpud, the famous white sand beaches of the north.

Laoag City is my pit stop for day 1 after 15 hours of road trip from Laguna with side trip along the way from Vigan to Paoay then here, just 2 hours of nap finally I can sleep for long. Tomorrow is another day because we will be heading to Pagudpud. Of course, more side trips ahead though. But now, time to rest and recharge for tomorrow’s new adventure.