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About Us


Trip Ko 'To is all about the things that jamesbiven usually love to do under the sun and even under the moon. He likes to do whatever he thinks of and do it with all fun. Jamesbiven is a travel junkie, adventurous, health buff and a food addict. He always plan his trip a head of about 5 months and wanted to make it a tipid-sulit one (cheap but fun and very memorable) 

He used to be a runner and a table and lawn tennis player. But because of hectic schedules he had on his work, he only do it during weekends and sometimes have forgotten what he used to be doing because during off days what he only wanted is to get rest and sleep. He had difficulty expressing his real emotions or opinions so he decided to put into writings by entering into the blogging community.

During off time, jamesbiven is busy for his day work in a multinational company. Then only have time to get back on line during weekends or after work. 

Jamesbiven uses Canon 1100D before he broke his Sony T700 during a landscape photoshooting at the cliffs of a beach somewhere in Batangas.

Actually it got wet not broke when he loose grip during a climb in the cliffs to get to the most beautiful spot. Soon he will also use Canon PS D10 for underwater and for use on extreme  environment to avoid what happened on his Sony.

Although jamesbiven had written a lot in his blog, he also have partners. Fhaye, his wife, also had written about her type of foods in the Food Trip because when it comes to food, jamesbiven always forget to capture the dishes first before eating it so Fhaye took the responsibility of doing what was supposed to be doing for Trip Ko 'To. Jigs, his younger brother, is responsible for the advertisements, and promotion.

So this is Trip Ko 'To, your guide to your next adventure out there.