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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bicol Road Trip – Exploring the best of South

IMG_1863 Road Trip is a fun thing to do because you will have the opportunity to visit one place to another while traversing the route of your final destination. You’ll see various places and landmarks that is truly beautiful and make your vacation trip truly remarkable.

We started to go to a road trip during long vacation, we traveled up north towards Ilocos Province and have seen beautiful places and meet wonderful people in respective municipalities.

Now it’s time for us to travel far down south towards the Bicol Province to see the beauty it has and the fun it can give more to traveler or tourist like us.

At first we decided to drive straight to our destination because we don’t want to experience the long traffic we might have in front of us because as I have said it’s a long holiday in Manila and most will be spending their vacations at their home provinces. So we drove straight towards Legazpi City instead of stopping from a place and visit each towns landmarks.

Legazpi City, Albay

IMG_1811  01

Home of the famous Mt. Mayon one of the most perfect cone volcano in the world because of its symmetrical shape. Actually Mayon is not really located inside the city of Legazpi, It is located at the middle of various towns of Albay. Viewing on top, of course via Map, Mayon is divided into a pizza like geographical locations, we decided to visit some of the towns around Mayon to know its unique trademarks. We started at Legazpi  City.

Lignon Hill Nature Park

IMG_1821  01

This is our first itinerary for Day 1. The best time to get here is early in the morning because you need to walk or drive uphill where the viewing deck is located. At the top you’ll see the magnificent view of Mayon Volcano and a 360 view of entire Legazpi City.

IMG_1825 01

The park also offers other adventure activities like Zipline, ATV ride, biking, paintball activities and rappelling.

Japanese Tunnel


Used as an arsenal by the Japanese Imperial Army during the World War II. There are many other tunnels in Albay but this one is lcated at the Lignon Hill.

Cagsawa Ruins Park

Bicol 01

Located at Barangay Busay in Daraga Town are the remnants of the 18th century Franciscan Church destroyed by one of the biggest eruption of the Mayon Volcano in 1814 burying the entire town of Cagsawa and its surrounding areas in under several hundred million cubic meters of volcanic materials . Only the church tower remains of the Cagsawa Church.

Busay Falls

IMG_1867  01

Located at the town of Malilipot  in Albay, Busay Fall is considered as one of the favorite tourist destination  because it is just a couple of meter walk from the barangay road.

Embarcadero de Legazpi

IMG_1883  01

Our Pit stop for the day, is a commercial area near the port of Legazpi consist of various stalls, stores, and dining area. It also houses the posh Ellis Hotel, a sister hotel of  the world class hotel and casino in Albay the Misibis Bay Resorts and Casino.