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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tarsiers, A Very Interesting Primate

Your trip to Bohol will not be complete if you have not visited this dearest creature. Tarsiers are considered the smallest primate in the world.

You can hold them with the palm of your hand. What is more interesting is that, in spite of their small size they have big eyes that is larger than their brains.


Tarsiers are considered as endangered species, We went to the Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc Bohol to see this amazing creatures. My daughter was very glad to see some of them. Most tarsiers were asleep then because  they are nocturnal in nature. Food hunting were done during night time with insects and lizards that come across their way.

tripkoto bohol 02

Another information that is very interesting is that tarsiers have suicidal tendencies. We were not allowed to touch them. They might catch your emotional state at the time of interaction and this may result to some may not eat for days or would jump off the tree intentionally to die.

Contrary to what I have assumed, the Tarsier Conservation that we have visited is not an official Tarsier sanctuary, very disturbing fact.  When in Bohol, go to the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella,  the fees that you pay will all go to the conservation efforts to preserve tarsiers.

So many write ups, stories were done for this little creatures. I am writing this one hoping that some in some ways I may be able to help preserve the Tarsiers so that future generations will be able to see and admire those cute creatures known as the Tarsiers.